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Watermelon - Flavor Drops

Watermelon - Flavor Drops

Is There Anything Better Than A Refreshing Juicy Slice Of Sweet Watermelon?! It’s Basically The Flavor Of Blissful Summers. One Squeeze Of Our Watermelon Flavor Drops Will Help You Keep The Summery Vibe Going All Year Long. And did we mention they have zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories!


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100% Happy Tastebuds Guarantee
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  • How to use
  • Nutrition

Give 1 squeeze (or more to taste) per 8 fl. oz. of water (or liquid of your choice). And drink up buttercup. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

Shake well before using. No refrigeration needed.

You’ll always find

Clean Natural Flavoring

Our Water Enhancers are made of natural flavors from fruit extracts and sweetened using only the stevia plant leaf.

Simply the Best Stevia

Our Stevia comes from the highest quality stevia leaves, is water extracted and free of fillers. So, you get to taste all the yummy sweetness without the calories, carbs, sugar or harsh chemicals!

Good For your body ingredients

We created our water enhancers with Zero sugar, Zero calories, Zero carbs and free from preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, and colors.

The Highest Standards

Every Flavor Drop bottle we produce proudly follows some of the strictest standards in the world. That means you won’t find any synthetic ingredients or solvents in our natural flavoring.

Keto Friendly

Gluten Free

100% Vegan


flavor up your day!

Add to water

In a glass, in a cup, or in a bottle. Whatever way you like to drink your water, a couple of Flavor Drops is all you need to transform boring bland water into an adventure land for your taste buds. Talk about crushing your hydration goals!!

Add to Sparkling water

It’s cold, bubbly, refreshing, and tickles your nose when you drink it. So just imagine how it tastes when you pair it with your favorite Flavor Drops. Yup. Your taste buds just called to thank us.

Add Kiddos water

Getting kids to drink enough water should be considered an Olympic sport. Parents, we know it’s not easy, but with our flavor packed water enhancers, kids actually want to drink more water. Whether it be frozen (in the form of a popsicle) or straight out of the cup, our water enhancers are a #ParentWin.

Add to cocktails

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What’s used to sweeten Flavor Drops?

The ONLY ingredient we use to sweeten Flavor Drops is stevia. Stevia is a natural herb found in nature, (which is recognized as safe by both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)) and is one of the healthiest and safest sweeteners available when trying to avoid added sugar.  

What makes your stevia better than others?

Unfortunately, some companies try to cut corners with stevia and go the cheaper route using extraction methods that include chemicals or adding fillers and other sweeteners to something that was once pure and clean. This is why so many stevia’s have such a bitter metallic taste.  

We knew we could do better, and you deserved better. We are proud to say, our stevia comes from the highest-quality stevia plant leaves, is water extracted and free of fillers. So, you get taste all the yummy sweetness without the calories, carbs, sugar, or harsh chemicals!

What is used for flavor in Flavor Drops?

We use only natural flavors to create our flavoring. Natural flavors are created using ingredients from natural sources such as essential oils, extracts, etc. that are derived from spices, fruits, vegetables, and other natural sources.

Does your product have fruit juice in it?

No. Flavor Drops does not have any fruit juice in it. Fruit juices contain sugar and calories and although the sugar in 100% fruit juices is naturally occurring rather than added, once metabolized, the biological response is essentially the same. This means fruit juice will affect blood glucose and insulin levels.

Flavor Drops is very proud of the fact that we have Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, and Zero Calories so there is no impact on blood glucose or insulin levels.  

How are natural flavors different in US vs New Zealand?

Guidelines for creating natural flavors vary greatly between countries. In the US, natural flavor must come directly from a natural source. However, natural flavoring is allowed to have certain limits of synthetic chemicals/solvents and when a flavorist mixes these “natural flavors” they are allowed to use certain synthetic chemicals or reactions.

However New Zealand guidelines (some of the strictest in the world) natural flavors are NOT allowed to have any type of synthetic chemicals/solvents in them. The natural flavor must come directly from a natural source. And when a flavorist mixes the natural flavors, they are required to follow the same stringent guidelines they use for food.

We are very proud that Flavor Drops is manufactured in New Zealand, and follows some of the strictest natural flavor guidelines in the world.

Don’t take our word for it

Received my first order... I just love the products. No funny aftertaste... helps me drink more water and gets rid of soft drinks. I just put a few drops in some mineral/soda water for a soft drink instead of sugar filled alternatives. Very happy with my purchase and will now be a regular customer.

Rhiannon A.

Love, love, love water drops! I have a bottle with me everywhere I go, and our kids also love them. They are such a good way to keep our water intake.

Kristie-Lee C.

I love the Black Cherry it's delicious! Our two boys go mad over the Tropical Fruit flavor. It's in their school water bottles every morning.

Rachael B.