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Your Body & taste buds will thank you!


Preservatives, Dyes

Artificial Flavoring

Artificial Coloring


Sugar, carbs, calories

Like Seriously, They Will Thank You!

Keto friendly

Gluten free

100% vegan


we are a little partial to our stevia

Afterall, it comes from the highest quality stevia leaves, is water extracted, and is free of fillers. So you get all the yummy sweetness without the calories, carbs, sugar, or harsh chemicals!

Drop the bad ingredients

Made in clean green New Zealand, we follow some of the strictest guidelines in the world for food and beverage regulations. So while you will find lots of bold flavor, you won’t find any synthetic ingredients or solvents in our natural flavoring.

flavor up your day!

Add to water

Add to water

In a glass, in a cup, or in a bottle. Whatever way you like to drink your water, a couple of Flavor Drops is all you need to transform boring bland water into an adventure land for your taste buds. Talk about crushing your hydration goals!!

Add to Sparkling water

Add to Sparkling water

It’s cold, bubbly, refreshing, and tickles your nose when you drink it. So just imagine how it tastes when you pair it with your favorite Flavor Drops. Yup. Your taste buds just called to thank us.

Add To Kiddos water

Add To Kiddos water

Getting kids to drink enough water should be considered an Olympic sport. Parents, we know it’s not easy, but with our flavor packed water enhancers, kids actually want to drink more water. #ParentWin

Add to cocktails

Add to cocktails

Hey bartender! You don’t need to be a professional mixologist to make amazing cocktails. All you need is a little ice, soda water, liquor, and your favorite Flavor Drops. Mix up your drink at home, or take a bottle of Flavor Drops with you on your way out!

Don’t take our word for it

Received my first order... I just love the products. No funny aftertaste... helps me drink more water and gets rid of soft drinks. I just put a few drops in some mineral/soda water for a soft drink instead of sugar filled alternatives. Very happy with my purchase and will now be a regular customer.

Rhiannon A.

Love, love, love water drops! I have a bottle with me everywhere I go, and our kids also love them. They are such a good way to keep our water intake.

Kristie-Lee C.

I love the Black Cherry it's delicious! Our two boys go mad over the Tropical Fruit flavor. It's in their school water bottles every morning.

Rachael B.