Our Story

We are  two women who have worked years in the nutritional industry (launching more than a 100+ nutritional products worldwide).  We spent years learning the ins and outs of producing nutritional products, and have seen the good, the great, and unfortunately the bad and the ugly when it comes to product manufacturers.  Sara and I grew tired of seeing companies lower their standards and cut corners on ingredients, suppliers, and manufacturing to create products that do nothing to help impact someone’s life, except empty their pockets.  So, we took matters into our own hands.

We founded Love My Nutritionals to create products people can trust, with product standards that do not waiver or bend. Where you can purchase knowing we have given our all into the development of our products, we vetted our manufacturer, we asked the hard questions, and walked away when our standards were not met.  Products we are proud to share with our loved ones and yours, to help you live your best life.

Cheers to living your best life!
Pam & Sara

Meet Vital Zing.
 The Ying to our Yang, the cream in our coffee,
our brother from another mother!

The statement “like attracts like”, couldn’t be truer. When we met Vital Zing and heard their story, we knew Flavor Drops were a product that needed to be shared with the world. Not only did these Drops taste incredible, but they were also made with the best and cleanest ingredients, in New Zealand, under some of the strictest food and beverage guidelines in the world.  Talk about elevating product standards! They were a company after our own heart, and we quickly feel in love with them. 

With the same belief system for product standards and the same passion for helping change the world, we decided to have Flavor Drops be the first product we launched. 

Learn more about Vital Zings story here.